Paintings by Connie, 2017

Paintings by Connie, 2017

My wonderful wife Connie Romero has always enjoyed drawing, sculpting and painting. While we were living in Colorado Springs she took classes at Bemis School of Art, and in July, 2017, she opened her first one-woman show in Colorado Springs. Shown above is a selection of her acrylic paintings, some of which included collage elements. I hosted the opening, since Connie was already in Oklahoma working on our new farm project. I enjoyed discussing the paintings and offering the beautiful, delicious hors d'oeuvres and drinks to those who came to Connie's opening at Colorado Coffee Merchants on Fillmore Street. Here are some of my snapshots from the event:

Connie's art show

I originally met Connie online in April, 2013. Connie's screen name on Plenty of Fish was Gardens4ever and mine was Artiemon. We set our first face to face meeting as a coffee date on May Day at Jive's Coffee Lounge on the West side of Colorado Springs. It was snowing a lot that day, which is not unusual for late spring. Our date lasted more than two hours, and when it was time to leave, we walked out onto the snowy sidewalk and kissed. It was magic! We set another date right then and there, a nature hike on the following Sunday.

Connie, Fluffy and Artie

After we shared a fair number of exciting adventures Connie in San José, Costa Rica, December 2013 together including a one-month vacation in Costa Rica and Panama, I proposed June 5, 2014 and we were married November 29, 2014 in Monument, Colorado. Our relaxing, fun honeymoon was the following February in fabulous Cancun and other parts of Yucatan, Mexico. We have travelled quite a lot, and we love having adventures together including nature hikes and almost continuously going into the great outdoors, exploring interesting places.

When we arrived in Oklahoma, Connie had another one-woman show of her paintings, and people here loved them. Connie is a terrific artist with natural talent. I'm a lucky guy, and I'm thrilled that Connie is my wife, life partner and soul mate.

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