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Eddie Albert in Green Acres Last year Connie and I bought a small place in Eastern Oklahoma, right by the Arkansas border, and we moved here from Colorado Springs this summer. We're fixing up the house and will build a new barn soon. Remember the old CBS TV show Green Acres, starring Eddie Albert and Eva Gabor? This place is quite a bit like that. We definitely bought ourselves a project.

Fortunately, Connie and my youngest brother Michael have a lot of experience fixing up and maintaining older homes. Michael is a mechanic by trade who has advanced construction and maintenance skills, has lived in a rural area of the Ozarks for many years, and knows how to repair water wells, among other things. Connie has a terrific toolbox and is quite willing to get her hands dirty. She's been working very hard fixing up our home and gardens.

Artie Romero, farmer (ha ha)We have a young tomcat named Fluffy Jo that we raised from a kitten this spring, and two nanny goats, Penny and Lilly, who are helping us clear the wild parts of this property. Jo is a very good mouser, and he even got a mole once. He's killed a bird and a couple of frogs, too, but we forgave him.

The reason we're here is simple. Connie has always dreamed of owning her own place where she could set things up the way she likes and grow her own organic food. Even though we owned some wonderful land in the Southern mountains of Colorado, Connie's dream couldn't possibly become a reality there. This place is much more suitable for agriculture; it's warmer, much wetter, the growing season is longer and the soil is better. It's really a different world down here. After almost 50 years of calling Colorado home, I'm ready for this new adventure.

armadillo Our little piece of paradise is situated between a two-lane blacktop and a good size creek, which forms the longest side of our property's boundaries. It's beautiful country, very much alive. We have bears, bobcats, deer and armadillos, for instance. The forest and rivers are primordial, reminding us of our beloved rain forests of Panama in many ways. We have a fair number of huge pine and oak trees, plus walnut, maple, elm and apple trees.

You might think that moving to rural Oklahoma would present problems of boredom for me, but there is a lot to do here. Connie and I like to get out into nature, and we've spent some time exploring the hills and rivers to the south, and the ancient Ozark Mountains in nearby Arkansas. Oklahoma has more man-made lakes than any other state in the USA, with 2000 miles of shoreline and over one million acres covered by water. Since Connie likes to fish, I'm sure we made the right choice. We're enjoying our time, and I'll be posting some of our amazing photos here soon.

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