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Artie Romero, July 2016, photo by Ricky Romero Welcome to my website. I'm known as an artist and cartoonist who became a publisher, animator, producer and director. Besides my comics and animation work, I've devoted years of my working life to video games, software, and Web development. I'm happily married and have two smart, successful sons. My wife Connie is a professional gardener who also paints, sculpts and creates jewelry.

My career started with the January, 1973 founding of Everyman Studios in Colorado Springs, Colorado. My partners and co-founders were Darrel Anderson, Tom Haber, Rick Berry and William Kirk Kennedy (1953-2010). We painted, drew comics, did design work, produced illustrations and played chess. Soon the place became a publishing house with the advent of This is NOT Bart Simpson. The Everyman Flyer, Realm, Scrabbits Reno Comics, Platinum Toad, Cascade Comix Monthly and a plethora of other small press, alternative publications. Now they're valuable collector's items.

As the years passed, with the exception of Kirk Kennedy, the founders of the studio drifted away, gradually replaced by younger artists. In 1981 I transitioned Everyman Studios into the production of animation for TV and movies. This work continues to engage me, and our studio is now called ARG! Cartoon Animation.

I truly love what I do, and I'm passionate about sharing my knowledge with those who want to learn. The studio where I spend my days has helped more than 172 budding artists and animators get their careers started. It's thrilling to see our former interns' names in the credits of hit movies and TV shows.

Although I'm proud of our artistic accomplishments, this site isn't about the ARG! Studio, or my internet startup CityStar, or even Everyman Studios, where I began my artistic collaborations. It's really about my life and creative vision today. I'm looking forward to sharing my reflections on this website, so thanks for visiting, and please come back soon.     read more...

The Artie Show | 1997 interview | IMDb | On Wikipedia | Portfolio | Photos

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